Renault 3.4 t AHN - the base

Stage 2- the grass.
Short, dark green grass from Noch, and longer,  dry stems from Woodland Scenics.

Renault 3.5 t AHN portable cabin

Started work on the portable cabin conversion.
Used the cardboard, as i will peel the outer layer to replicate the chipwood finish

Renault 3.5 T AHN- painting

Added the rust texture using putty, Toluen Thinner, and stiff brush.

Rust base.

Base color sprayed using multilayer acrylics.
Applied with help of Maskol, salt, and hairspray.

Decals on, and some more weathering.

Glued the windows in. Couple of windows presented in the shattered state.
I used white glue, and Sparkle to make broken glass.

Renault 3,5 t AHN

Renault 3,5 t makes appearance on my bench.
Little vignette with couple of Stalingrad figures.
Village settings.