Kettenwagen- Mudguards

Mudguards were made using two different styrene sheets- 0,25 mm, and 0,5 mm.
Front, and rear of the mudguards will be finished using beer can.

Supports were added.

Tin from beer can was used to make skirting.

Return roller glued in.

Mudguards dip slightly in the centre to allow the door opening option.

Kettenwagen- Spare wheel mount.

After discarding the original wheel mount from the bonnet, the new one was fashioned to take 2 spare wheels. I will however only display one on the finished model.
The four reinforcing strips were added to keep in touch with the original VW design.
The 2 brackets for securing the windshield were sanded down, to be replaced later by the PE parts for better detail.


Kettenwagen- exhausts.

Exhausts were scratch built using styrene, brass tubing, and copper wire. I added few random wires to the engine bay.

The area of the engine bay was sprayed Chaos Black primer.


Kettenwagen- sprocket.


Kettenwagen- suspension.

As suspension i used the Dragon`s Panzerjager I.
This offers nice, delicate suspension, which doesnt look out of proportion for such small vehicle.


Kettenwagen Tamiya 1/35

This is the picture of the tracked VW Kubelwagen germans developed during the WW II.

I dont like the look of it.

Im gonna try to improve it.
My Kettenwagen will be fully tracked.

First all the wheel arches were filled in with styrene implants.

Suspension frame:



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