Kettenwagen- mudguards finished.

Couple of beer cans later mudguards are done.

Kettenwagen- mudguards rebuild.

While working on the new- wider mudguards i decided on improving the overall look of them.
The front part is shaped to replicate the car trends during the war period, and i must say im happy with the way it turned out.

Kettenwagen- Friul setback.

Fast going backwards.
As with so many of my projects, something went wrong, and needed the correction.
I have put the Friul tracks together, and dry fitted them- horror!
The mudguards were measured for Magic Tracks, and Friules are slightly wider.

Im rebuilding the mudguards now.

Kettenwagen- gun rack.

Gun rack was made using Aber PE. One of the most difficoult PE parts i have ever put together.

All the clamps are working. After it is installed i will paint the part as normal, and then fix the guns in.

Kettenwagen- Figure bashing.

Before i went any further with the Kettenwagen build i needed to sort out the figures.
I managed to kitbash 3 figures from two sets by Miniart.
Heads will be provided by Hornet.

Theres still lots of work ahead of me regarding the figures- filling, sanding, sculpting, and so on, but the way they look now is what i wanted. There will be the fourth figure- Hornets german soldier urinating.

Kettenwagen- Antiskid Plate.

Antiskid plate from Lion Roar was added to the mudguards.

Kettenwagen- Dashboard.

In the kit, the dashboard is set slightly towards the driver. I will make the main switchboard right in the middle.

Main switchboard cut away, and sanded till there was only the face plate left:

Backing plate was fashioned from 0,5 mm brass plate:

Another- thicker plate with the hole for the switch:

Copper wire was sanded square, and soldered to the plate:

Dashboard dry fitted:

Dashboard finished. Map compartment added on the drivers side. Fuel tank, and fasteners by Aber. The dials and facia will be added during the painting process.

After major surgery Miniart figures fit well.

Kettenwagen- Battery.

Battery box was soldered using excellent PE by Aber.

Back seat was also reworked.

Kettenwagen- Seats final.

I have exchanged the springs on the back of the seats for new ones- made from 0,125 mm wire for more accurate look. The previous springs were somewhat too big for the scale.
Fabric sleaves, and leather straps connecting the cushions with frame were also made.

Kettenwagen- Front Seats

Tamiya seats are slightly simple.

The frame was soldered using 0,5 mm copper wire.

Padding was sculpted, and few creases added in.

Springs were made from twisted 0,2 mm copper wire.

Few side brackets added.

The seat needs few details to be called finished. Leather straps for securing the seat to the frame, and couple of wingnuts to fix the ready seat to the floor.

Kettenwagen- Engine Vent

I opened the slot in the panel.

Aber PE. Really tricky bit. I used the 0,5 mm wire as the hinge.

Kettenwagen- mudguards finished.

Mudguards are finished, and the slight damage was applied to the front.

When the CA cures completely i will sand the joints smooth, and add the antislip strips where the door indents are.