Sepia 2 Kosmiczny Kuter

After very busy autumn im back with little bit more time on my hands, and with few fresh ideas.
One of them being the futuristic looking ship- Sepia 2.
It will be complete scratch build, with plenty of weathering.
Hope to show some progress soon.

Probably the best, and easiest way of making the balloon is by cutting the frame of the balloon out of cardboard, and filling the spaces with low expanding builders foam.

I made the balloon frame using 2mm cardboard, and white glue. Cavities were filled using foam. It will prevent the frame from deforming after the expanding foam is used.

I used the lowexpanding poliurethan foam to fill the balloon frame up.

I filled all the major gaps, and holes using the same foam and spatula.
Now i will rest the balloon for few days to cure completely before i use the car filler.

Note the 2 attach points on both ends of the blimp.

Then it was time for the car filler.

I sprayed the dull black, and started covering the blimp in acrylic filler:

Oil canning effect added:

Blimp in primer:

Microfilling with acrylic filler:

Masking tape was used to make rubber seams, and whole blimp was sprayed with floor varnish:

Helium inlet valve added:

Air inlet, and outlet valves:

Mr. Surfacer is on. Surface is ready for some paint now:

I did it again- new carp record!

Last night after work i was invited to do the night session- probably the last carp session of the year. I fished single grain of imitation corn on the hair rig.
At 22 hours i had the take, and landed my new carp record- fish of 17.6 kg.

Carp record broken again- twice!

Last night i was invited to fish little private estate lake just 12 km from my house.
The lake was dug about 18 years ago, and theres only five big carp in it- original fish let in when the lake was created. Theres also few smaller carp there, some catfish, grass carp, and tench.
It is very hard venue, as the silt is about 3 feet deep, and full of natural food.
I fished the lake four times before- without any success.
Last night was different!
I missed the take at about 8 p.m.
At 10 p.m i had another take, and this time i landed this lovely fish of 15 kg- my new record for carp.

I had another take at 3.30 a.m from the margins on the other side of the lake.
After long battle in the darkness i landed another beautifull leather carp of 16.6 kg- another new record!

In the morning i missed one more take, this time some small fish, but i consider this the best carp night session i ever had.

I kept the fish in the sack till morning, because i wanted to take better photos.
Jarek, and i had the good carp session today.
We got up at 4 am.

First fish of 6 kg soon after arrival:

Good 7 kg at midday:

...followed by quiet few grass carp in the 2-3,5 kg bracket:

Best of the day of 9 kg:

...another 7 kg:

and 6,5 kg:

Jarek had lots of fish between 5-7.5 kg:

Just before packing up bonus fish of 7.5 for Jarek:

Meedweek carp session.

Jarek, and i had the good meedweek carp session today.
We cought lots of fish in the 5-6 kg bracket.
My best 2 fish cought on corn in the margins- 7,5 kg, and 9 kg beauty.

Jarek had the good days fishing using the same tactics. He cought quiet few fish of 5-6 kg + 3 fish of 7 kg, 8 kg, and lovely fish just shy of 9 kg. He also had two grass carp of 3, and 3,5 kg. Top fishing!

VW typ 82 bodywork

After the incident with the White Spirit i used the CA glue to assemble the suspension rigid.
I decided to make the small vignette, where the vehicle will be abandoned in the mud, or snow.
This way it want matter the suspension is not workable, and it leaves the open door for more weathering.

I started adding the body panels now.

Todays carping.

Another short carp session near Mszczonow resulted in more than 10 carp cought, of which few were worth the picture. Couple of 7,5 kg fish, 6,5 kg, and nearly 6.