Gaz 69 figure work

Work started on the figure.
It will be scratch built figure of the protester standing on the bonnet, and holding banner.
Im using Hornet head, and hands. Boots are reworked Dragon.

Adding more meat.

Corrected the shape of the shoulders, and neck.

Gaz 69 Milicja WIP

Finished building the Gaz. Now the weathering with oils, and pigments.

Gaz 69 Bronco 1/35 "Mo-town"

After some time on the shelf of doom Gaz 69 returned to the works.

I Warszawska Fiesta Modelarska

Yesterday i attended the I Warszawska Fiesta Modelarska.
Great show.
Competitors could visit the Muzeum Motoryzacji, and Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego for free.
Food was available with the discount.
Muzeum Motoryzacji brought the rally car to the show which was particularly popular with the kids, and the dads  ;-)
RC model shop presented the flying RC choppers.
One of the modellers brought with him great working model of the steam locomotive in the 1/6 scale.
The venue was big, with lots of room on the tables, and the lighting was great- which isn't always the case on such events.
Hopefully the show will be run annually.
Here's few shots from the event

I managed 4 awards for the Seehund, Renault 4 CV, VW Beetle 1950, and BMW R75 with sidecar.
I also got the award for the best of the civilian vehicle (VW Beetle 1950).

BMW R75 finishing touches

Due to the size of the model i opted for the flat base.
I made it on the diploma frame.
For mud i made the mix of Woodland Scenics Plaster, acrylic resin, white glue, water, and pigments.
Painted it flat brown, and washed with dark wash.
Some highlights applied using buff colour.
Some wet effects, and puddles to follow.

BMW R75 weathering

Weathering stage started with dry mud application.
I used MIG Acrylic Resin mixed with dry mud pigments to add volume.
Then i sprayed the lower parts with dry mud pigments mixed with water.
Sealed using MIG pigment fixer.
For the very bottom parts i used Wet Effects to simulate the wet mud.
I will add more wet mud when the bike will find its place on the base.

BMW R75 wiring

Completed the wiring of the bike.
All the cables, wires, and fuel lines done.
Last pictures before the sidecar assembly, and weathering with mud.


Weather turned nasty this week, so i relegated myself to the workshop.

Added lot of details- gear levers, rear hub, wheels, and brake lines.

Started painting the sidecar.

Sidecar with the base coat on.