Meedweek carp session.

Jarek, and i had the good meedweek carp session today.
We cought lots of fish in the 5-6 kg bracket.
My best 2 fish cought on corn in the margins- 7,5 kg, and 9 kg beauty.

Jarek had the good days fishing using the same tactics. He cought quiet few fish of 5-6 kg + 3 fish of 7 kg, 8 kg, and lovely fish just shy of 9 kg. He also had two grass carp of 3, and 3,5 kg. Top fishing!

VW typ 82 bodywork

After the incident with the White Spirit i used the CA glue to assemble the suspension rigid.
I decided to make the small vignette, where the vehicle will be abandoned in the mud, or snow.
This way it want matter the suspension is not workable, and it leaves the open door for more weathering.

I started adding the body panels now.

Todays carping.

Another short carp session near Mszczonow resulted in more than 10 carp cought, of which few were worth the picture. Couple of 7,5 kg fish, 6,5 kg, and nearly 6.

Few more carp on the bank

Heres few of the fish i cought during couple of short weekend trips last fortnight.
5,5 kg, 4,5 kg, 6kg over, and nice nearly 8 kg.

VW tap 82 disaster

I finished painting the VW, and was working with oils using White Spirit, when all of the chassie components just fell apart. All the parts just disintegrated.
Well- i'm considering this model build closed.
lesson to be learned.

Edit: I calmed down enough to asses the situation, and i may still salvage this project.
I disgarded of White Spirit and voved not to use it again ever.
I may still glue the suspension rigid, and use the vehicle as part of the vignette, where the VW is partly submerged in mud.

VW typ 82 first paint

After washing the model in warm, soapy water, Mr. Surfacer primer was sprayed, followed by rusty-brown mixed with varnish. It will provide the first, durable base to work with.

Where i wanted the steel color to show due to the paint wear i used Alclad Steel. Then the salt was used, and the hairspray layer was sprayed all over the floor pan.

Carp session Grzegorzewice. 01/08/2011

Instead of going to work today, together with my brother in law Jarek, we went carp fishing to Grzegorzewice lakes.
After few days of rain the weather was sunny at last.
We cought 20 carp in total, and couple of small grasscarp.

Rods set, and ready for action:

Nice early fish of 5 kg:

6 kg:

...and my best of the day- 8 kg over:

Jarek's best fish- nice 6 kg over: