"Moto i bloto" BMW R75 ESCI 1/9

New build.
It will be eastern front BMW R75 with sidecar from ESCI in 1/9 scale.
Probably painted in Panzer Grey with overcoat of Dunkelgelb.
It will be set in lots of muck to cover awful wheel spokes.
I tried to make the new spokes from scratch long ego, but failed- i just don't have the patience.

Adding damage:

Detailing the sidecar:

Rotten frog- groundword

I wanted the car to look like it was abandoned in the woods.
Started by spreading thin layer of Woodland Scenics Mould-A-Scene Plaster mixed with little of brown paint, and some earth pigments.
On top of that i set the car, and scattered the twigs around.

Forrest floor was made from shreded leafs.

Rotten Frog painting

Started painting the inside of the car.
First i sprayed the whole lot with Tamiya flat brown, and then i used various shades of Humbrol to paint the details with the brush.

Pigments, and washes used. Added the AK slime green to the tarp.
Some twigs, and leaves were scattered on the floor- where the door will be opened ajar.

Rotten Frog- Renault 4CV Heller 1/24

New, quick build- Heller's 1/24 scale Renault 4CV.
I will build it as rotten, abandoned car, that find its resting place somewhere in the woods.
Lots of rust, mould, and rotting vegetation.

Mentor 1/35 finished

Job done on the Mentor little dio.
I applied custom decals made for me by my friend Daniel Conkala.
Hope you enjoy.

Mentor- figure of the prey

Second figure for the Mentor diorama.
It is Gustav from Maschinen Krieger also in 1/35
I used Hornet head.
Painted with AK Colour Modulation set for russian vehicles.

...and all dry fitted to the base. Decals, oil paints, and chipping next. Should be done in a few days.