2 cm Flak 38 mit Sd.Ah.51- cont.

Work continues on the 20mm Flak gun.
Most of the gun is in place now.
I have to solder the shields to finish the build.

2 cm Flak 38 mit Sd.Ah.51- Trailer

The trailer.
I added few welds, brackets, and couple of straps on the fenders.
Wheels sanded to give them more used look.
I have also detailed the seat.

2 cm Flak 38 mit Sd.Ah.51 work started

Work started on the 20mm Flak 38, which will be towed by the Kettenwagen.
The kit of choice was the DML one.
First impression is good, but there`s few things here, and there, which need to be addressed.
First, the welds on the base of the gun were remade, as Dragon placed the injection pins bang in the middle of the welds. I used the Squadron green putty for the job.
The seat was made from scratch, as the kit seat is too narrow, and of funny shape.

"Shallow crossing" water effects

After the water has cured completely it was time to make the wave in front of the car.
Im using the Water Effects from Woodland Scenics.
When applied the wave is of white color, but with time it will become transparent.
Here it is after 24 hours from application.

"Shallow crossing" almost done

The front dam has been removed.
Water is not 100% yet, and im hoping it will clear in few days time.

"Shallow crossing" foliage

Plus model Birch Leaves (No 284) were used to make some foliage.

Kettenwagen- 3T jack finished

Im still waiting for the water to cure on the "Shallow crossing" diorama, so decided on adding few bits, and pieces to the Kettenwagen tractor.
First in line was the 3T jack, which was scratch built from the pictures.

"Shallow crossing"- water

Im using "Realistic Water" from Woodland Scenics.
Due to its shrinking it will require more than few layers to get this right.
After the first layer i glued few birch seeds on the bottom of the river to represent last years fall.

After second layer it looks like so. No leaks, and no discoloration- water is perfectly clear- nice.
Lets build up more layers now, and get some depth.

"Shallow crossing"- almost done- ready for water

The scene is now ready for the water.
All the goods inside the car have ben glued on now, and i also added the Mauser Kar 98 with the sling, and the helmet with the straps.
I forgot to paint the oil stain from the filler cup- will be fixed before the water is poured.

"Shallow crossing"- vegetation

Vegetation complete.
I used mix of natural moss, weed, dry grass, and Green Line tufts.

"Shallow crossing" painting the goods

While im working on the vegetation for the base, the laod got the lick of paint.

"Shallow crossing"- groundwork

CD was used for the base.
Ground id made from mixture of Woodland Scenics plaster, PVA glue, Woodland Scenics Fine Ballast, and Mig`s Dark Mud pigment.
Roots, and the tree stump found in the garden.
Couple of stones, and soil from wifes flower pot.

I started painting the base, and adding some water edge wegetation.