VW van- roof rack

Roof rack was soldered using 1mm, and 0,5mm brass tubing.
Mc Donalds hot drink stirrers were used for the slats. Slats drilled on both sides, and iron rod glued in as the bolts.

Front indicators dry fitted:

Indicator bodies were turned from brass, and painted Alclad Chrome:

...rear lights dry fitted. I used clear sprue for the lenses, and painted them Clear Red.
The ring around the lenses is turned from brass, and painted Alclad Chrome.

Wooden slats were soaked in the vinegar overnight (i added the piece of the steel wool to it to get the rusty tinge), and then i used the 80 grit sandpaper to achieve the right texture. Variation of tan, brown, and black oils was used to get the slats look weathered.

VW van- fog lamp

I started with the details.
First i made the fog light. I didnt have anything similar in my spare parts stash, so i made the light from scratch.

Edit on 29/12/2010
I get a lot of questions regarding the fog lamp, so here i will explain how the light was made.
I used as follow:

spare part from the kit- probably from different VW model. Edge cut off.
2 part of the U-Boats torpedo shoot. I used the round bit for the lens frame.
3 Pin. I cut the top, and polished it for the lens. Inside the hole was drilled, and filled with Alclad Chrome. The lens detail was engraved using the sewing pin. (8).
4 Absorbers found in the shoe box. I used yellow for the bulb.
5 Brass tubing to make the mount.
6 Hexagonal nut from MIG.
7 Stretched sprue to make the bolt.
8 Sewing pin to engrave the lens detail.

VW van- bodywork complete

I have finished the bodywork stage.
The rear of the van was brought to the early spec- with narrow door, small window, round lights.
The back window had received the the seal, also the hinge above the back window was added.
Small recess for the door handle in the cargo door was filled in, and four holes were drilled for rubber buffers.
Front indicators were replaced by scratch built early type.


Publications- "Shallow crossing"

Another of my little scenes has been published. The "Shallow crossing" vignette made the front cover of December "Super Model" issue.
Inside we find 10 page article about this build.

VW van- build started

The body needed filler in few places, especially at the front of the van, and in couple of spots on the roof.
Pannel lines were rescribed.
Chrome parts like bumpers, and hubcaps were dumped in Mr Muscle Sink & Drain gel, to remove paint.

Deep rust effect. The eroded places were thinned on inside using Dremel tool, and roughed up using sewing pin, until few holes popped up.
Around these places Mr. Surfacer 500, and old stiff brush was used to make the rust texture.
I also made few dents in the bodywork.

All the hinges were replaced by hunges made with brass sheet, brass rods, and for the hinges with mirrors i used the brass tube, so the mirror arm can fit inside.

Suspension lowered, and the VW badge cut away in front of the van.
I also added one more scratch to the side of the van, the door before of it will be painted different color.
Whole bodywork was sanded in vertical motion.


VW Type 2 Delivery Van (1967) 1/24 Hasegawa

Im starting the new build for the civilian vehicle competition on PWM forum.
I will be making the rat van using the Hasagawa Type 2 VW van.
Im planning to make the van look used, with lots of rust, paint flaking, paint discoloration, and lots of dents, repairs, and stains.
Stay tuned.

Kettenwagen diorama- 20mm Flak painting started.

Started painting the Flak gun.
Dark Yellow, with Flat Brown stripes. Gun, and barrel in gun metal.
I also applied the filters- white, yellow, and brown.
The whole gun has been washed in brown.


"Star from the sky" finished.

The "Star from the sky" figure is now finished.
Eventually it will find it`s place on the Kettenwagen diorama, amongst other three figures.
I could`nt resist and make small base for better appearance.

Kettenwagen diorama- figure painted.

I have finished painting the figure.
Mix of Tamiya Dark Yellow, White, and Clear for the base colour.
Dark wash in the crevieces using Winton`s Burnt Umber, and Raw Umber.
After the wash was dry i used the brush dumpened slightly in the lighter fluid to wipe away the excess.
Eye whites painted with Vallejo white mixed with Buff using the brush trimmed to one, single hair.
The pupils were made using the sewing needle- i just indented the small hole in the corner of each eye, and filled it with Vallejo black using the same single hair brush.
After that was done, the Abtailung 502 Basic, Light, and Sunny Skin Tone colours were used for the highlights, and shadows.
Bit of pink for the cheeks, and bottom lip- with the middle of it highligted using white.
The last step was to use the gloss varnish on the most prominent parts of the face.

Now im moving onto the last stage of the building process- which is to scratch build part of the crashed B-25 aircraft. The plan is to make the soldier displaing this part to his friends, standing by the Kettenwagen vehicle with 20mm gun on tow.
The crashed aircraft part will be painted in Lend Lease livery, with masked american maskings, and red star painted over the top.