VW Oval 1956

Time to start another model, and continuing with the VW scheme i will make the MR Hobby's 1956 VW Oval with custom built roof rack, and ski rack complete with the skis.
On the top of the roof rack i will place some luggage.

The kit:

First glance inside the box:

The silhouette:

Additionally the bumpers will be upgraded:

Also the rear arches will get the covers:

I textured the seats to look really worn:

Front tyres are from the kit, but rear are sourced from Ferrari 250 GTO:

It took 2 hours to assemble the floor complete with running gear, and wheels. Nice and easy so far, but i noticed few injection marks on the surface of the body.

I have lowered the whole suspension, and the front beam was made narrow.

Skirts in making: