Opel Olympia- street furniture

Following the discussion on PWM forum i had to make the new insulator- aparently the first one i have made was of the post war kind.
Before painting the lamp post i had repositioned the new insulator.

Heres how it looks now.

Opel Olympia- Luggage

Today i made the suitcase.
The case is from the kit, but i reworked it a little.
I have changed the shape of the body, added scratch built handle, few hinges, and locks. Locks are from the kit.
Painted Flat Brown first, then the stains, and shadows were made using Oil & Stain mixture from MIG, then Dark Wash was applied, and sealed with gloss varnish.
The edges were painted using the sponge technique with Hunbrol 62, and Vallejo 144.

Spare wheel rim.
I decided to throw the extra wheel rim onto the rack. It will represent the rim taken from the donor car. Painted flat brown and hairspray technique, with white on top.
Edges treated to the 6B pencil.

Opel Olympia- almost done

Work is almost completed on the Opel.
All i need to do is some chipping on the dented pannels, few rusty streaks- not too much, and dusting.
Some luggage will be thrown onto the roof rack, and the wheel rim. I may add the camera tripod also.

Opel Olympia- dashboard

Due to plans to open the drivers door slightly i set to improve the overall look of the dashboard.
The closk faces were drilled out, and the insert was cast underneath, onto which the decals were applied.
I used the fibreoptic material to make the control lights.
First the end was blobed by the cigarette lighter, and then it was painted using the Tamiya Clear Red, and Green.

Even tho the dashboard will not be lit on this Opel model, it still makes for nice lights.
I was testing the technique for the Opel cabriolet model, which im planning on making with all the lights working. It should be easy to make, as now with the fibreoptics i only need one source of light.

Heres how it looks like with the background light on.

Opel Olympia- roof rack

I wanted to make the mat for driving out of mud, which was often fastened to the bumpers of the Wehrmacht cars on the eastern front. I didnt wonna cover any of the vehicle details, so i decided to build the roof rack.
After 3 days of trial, and error i finally achieved the acceptable shape.

Wooden slats made from styrene.
I will place the mentioned mud mat on it, along with the cannister, luggage, and possibly the wicker basket.

Opel Olympia- wheels


When wheels were put together i drilled one of them out to remove the hubcap.
I wanted to make one of the wheels displaying the nuts, and bolts.
In place of the drilled hubcap i inserted the part of the Tamiya`s Kubelwagen wheel.
Two wheels have the hubcaps damaged.

I also made small air vents using the thin steel wire, and kitchen foil as the wrap.

Opel Olympia- bumpers reworked

Bumper brackets made from scratch- the kit brackets were so thick that i couldnt live with it.
I know i promissed OOB build, but the instinct was stronger.
I made the brackets using the brass sheet.
Rear brackets soldered for strength.
Half of the front bumper was replaced by beer can, an mangled.
Inside of the bumpers was hollowed.
Couple of rivets were made for each bumper from sewing pins turned flat in the dremel tool.
Painted using the hairspray technique with base color showing through.

Opel Olympia- filters

Blue, grey for whites, and just the hue of the tri tonal camo filters tied the paintjob nicely.
It blended superbly, and didnt cover the shading of the color modulation completely.
Filters were followed by neutral wash.
When that was done i started chipping.
Most of the paint wear will be located in areas around the bonnet, bumpers, and fenders.
The doors are complete, and meant to simulate the wear of the panzer grey paint, showing the original blue paint from the civilian life of the vehicle.

Opel Olympia- repaint, and decals

After some lengthy discussion on polish PWM forum, we came to the conclusion, that the color modulation, as it was would disapear after filters, and oils.
I decided to repaint the model, this time taking care, that the contrast is sharper.
I dont know if i like the look of it at the moment, but aparently it will blend even during the weathering stage.
Decals have been applied, and coat of varnish to seal the paintjob.