Bf 109 E-4/B oil cooler fix.

Before i joined the two halves of the hull, some details were added inside.

Plastic around the openings was thinned

The eges of the oil cooler firing were sanded thin, and alu foil inserts were glued on.

Part A-12 was cut in half.
It allows for better fit.
Four parts made from alu foil were added to both sides of the cooler to cover gaps which appear there.
Zap-A-Gap medium CA adds strength to the joints.

The fit is not bad actually.

Close up of the inside of the cooler with the alu foil part added.

Oil cooler surface sorted out, and the wing dry fitted in possition. I still need to add the pannel lines, and rivets, but when the rest of the hull is good.
The wing fits perfectly.

Length of copper foil was added to the cowling, where it meets the belly part of the wing.
I just discovered the one picture, where it clearly shows this area.

Next i have added the sheet of metal in front of the cooler.
Four slots were milled on both sides of the cowling to receive the PE clamps.

Next i roughly sanded some indentations.

Bf 109 E-4/B control column.

I knew all along, that joystick was`nt right for the B version of the Bf109, so i set to make the new one.
I used the Aires unit with few buttons, and wires added.
The trigger was also scratch built.
I changed the angle of the grip, as Aires stick was straight.

Update on: 21/08/2010

Bf109 E-4/B cockpit painting

For 4 days now i have been scratching my head over the pilots seat.
Kit part is laughable, Aires seat isnt perfect either.
I decided to build the seat from scratch, but its shape is so complex it will be while before its done.
While working on the seat i painted the cockpit in the RLM 66 color.
First i used the Tamiya XF-63 with few drops of XF-19 Sky Grey.
Highlights were done with thin XF-19, and shadows with X-19 Smoke mixed with drop of XF-50 Field Blue.

Next were oils:

Update on: 12/08/2010
Finally i have completed building the seat. The Aires seat had wrong shape.
Frame under the seat is modified kit part.
The padding was made using the Magic Sculp.
After painting it i will add the seatbelt from RB Productions.

Update on 14/08/2010

The floor completed.

Update on 16/08/2010

Dry brushing technique was used to highlight the details of the floor, and seat.
The seatbelts weathered with wet pigments.
Some more tweaking required before its done.