Personal carp record broken

Today i went fishing for carp.
All in all i cought 16 carp, one grass carp, and i lost 4, or 5 fish due to hook pulls.
I have broken the personal best for carp with the fish of 11,4 kg.

Carp session Grzegorzewice.

Im not having much time for model making recently, due to my new work commitments, but managed some time off for fishing.
I set off with my brother in law for Grzegorzewice near Mszczonow in Mazowiecki region.
We visited the commercial fishery there to catch some carp.

I dont have much experience catching Polish carp, but using my own experience with the species i made the bait using breadcrumb, corn, tins of tuna and catfood. I used similar bait in England, and it worked, so i held high hopes.

I only managed one little carp on my rods (probably due to using heavy lead set up, and it was sinking in the silt) but my brother in law Jarek had cought some nice fish on his light float set up. Here he is pictured with one of his fish- 19 LB carp on corn.

We will be back there soon, as it is only about 20 minutes drive from our place. This time i will use lighter gear trying to catch bigger, and better fish.

Tomaszowskie Spotkania Modelarskie 2011

I just came back from Tomaszow Mazowiecki modelling contest, where my models won 3 medals, and VW Van has taken the Grand Prix for the best model of the show. Great event, with superb atmosphere. During the show the organisers guaranteed many attractions like grill and trip to the museum of the River Pilica, and amazing Blue Water Geysers.