Sentry figure finished

Sentry figure is done now.
The soldier will have the map in the left hand.

Opel Olympia- stowage

While working on the sentry figure i took the short break to make the stowage.
Tarpaulin is made out of the Nescafe coffee lid.
The mat for driving out of mud is made using the toothpicks, which have been carved to look like tree branches, and weathered using various washes.
The stowage will be tied with string, the mat with the wire.

"Sentry" diorama- Feldgendarme figure

The sentry figure is from Hornet.

First i discarded the handheld stop sign from behind the belt. Then the hands were cut off, and the sleeves drilled.
I will use the hands, and the head in M18 helmet from Hornet.
Handheld stop sign will be in the right hand- pointing the way.

I sanded down the belt buckle, collar tabs, and the rest of the stuff, that will be replaced by the PE parts.
Primer Chaos Black is on.

"Sentry" diorama- pigeon


Magic Sculp was used to make the body. The tail, and wing ends were cut from the beer can, and glued on. After that was done, the wings were sculpted on top.
Legs made with 0.125mm copper wire. Toes soldered onto the legs.

Sentry diorama- bicycle

I decided to use the Tamiya Bicycle on the diorama.
PE is from Lion Roar- lovely detail, but really hard to put together.
It has taken me 2 days to complete the bike.

I turned the new air pump, and magneto.
Front light was also reworked.

Colors on.

"Sentry" diorama- groundwork done

I think im happy with the base now, and the wet mud is just the way i like it. Meant to add few puddles, but i suppose im not so good with the water products as yet. I will work on this subject tho.

Still some extra touches to be done here, and there, like the straw inside the box, and maybe the dog ends scattered around the area.

Sentry Diorama- the barrier

Barrier was made of wood, and the counterweight i have sculpted out of resin.
Nuts from Bronco.

Needs some grass around the base of the barrier, and the "Halt!" sign atop.


Sentry Diorama- long grass

I used 3 colors of Woodland Scenics Field Grass- light green, medium green, and natural straw- all mixed randomly.

The tall grass have been trimmed slightly, and i planted the reeds.

Sentry diorama- groundwork

Using plaster, balast, and white glue i made the base for the diorama.

Sprinkle of static grass on white glue will represent the old grass.
When painted in light tea, with brownish tinge it will provide the base for the
new- green grass.

Base painted Chaos Black primer, and flat earth colors.
Dry grass highlighted with light shades of yellows, and browns.
Applied the dark wash.

Short, green grass planted, and Wet Effects where the puddles will be

Puddles made with Realistic Water

Using resin, and dark mud pigment i made the tyre prints in the mud
Also the process of fusing the elements together has started


Sentry dio- perspex box

I just received the perspex box. It was made to measure by my friend Simon (Thanks Si)

...i left small gap between inlay, and the base of the box.
It allows me to make the edges, after the groundwork is formed.

...and the general plan for the diorama: