VW Kafer 1950- Headliner

Headliner was next.
Apart from usual things like ejection points i had to deal with few more issues here.
First i corrected the shape of the headliner, cutting away the front bit where the rear view mirror meant to be fixed. In the real car it is not fixed to the headliner, but just in front of it to the body of the car.
I added the ribbing this imitating the frame of the headliner.
Dome light was scratch built using resin, brass tube, and clear plastic for lens.
I had to adjust the dome light fixing point, as i got it wrong first time.
Assist straps were also scratch built, along with the fixing plates, and coat hooks.
All the window seals were scribed using home made tool.

VW Kafer 1950- interior painting

I started the interior with the seats. Even though the 1950 models came without the leather seats i decided to paint them as leather, because the car is being build as the vehicle used in recent years.
The seats straight from the box are featureless, so first thing was adding the detail like wear, and tear.
Exacto knife to the resque, and couple of hours later we have old leather seats.
Painted using acrylics, and oils. Dark wash overall, and brown for the set frame depicting the rust spots.

Some HB pencil on the edges of the frame was used to finish the job here.

All the knobs, and levers were scratch built. I used the resin for the ivory parts, as it had desired natural color. Rubber mats, and carpets were made with sandpaper. For rubber mats i turned the sandpaper (the fabric backed variety) upside down. The fabric pattern imitates the rubber well in my opinion.
Painted with Tamiya acrylics, and weathered using Mig, and AK pigments. 

Since the rear of the cabin didn't have any focus point i added scratch built suitcase, sculpted the teddy bear, and also couple of ivory ashtrays. The ashtrays were turned from resin.

VW Kafer 1950 Revell 1/16 floor pan painting, and weathering

Floor pan painted, and weathered. I added the air valves to the wheels, and brake lines.

VW Kafer 1950 Revell 1/16

Here's my new build.

Winter time bike repair

Last week i killed my bike. I took it for the last ride of the season, and the engine has seized.
I stripped it bare, and it is going through the repair process. Im hoping to have the completely rebuilt engine for the new season.