Seehund- painting of the hull

Base colour.

I opted for the generic pike pattern

Side of the conning tower in white. Number 362 is from the spare decals, while the yellow training dot, and the A symbol are painted.

Varnished, and depth decals added.  Varnished again, and washed with dark wash.

Seehund 1/35 Bronco- work begins.

After clearing the desk following the VW build i reached for the Bronco's Seehund in 1/35 scale.

First thing i always do is get myself familiar with the instructions manual.

I joined the two halves together.
It should be straightforward build i think.

Inside of the conning tower was scratch built

The seaman put together with few spare parts, and the Hornet head

The figure fits nicely into the tube

I riveted the top of the conning tower using Archer Fine Transfers rivets, and added the panel lines.
Anti slip plate was also added around the periscope, and couple of handles.

Peryscope was built from scratch using some brass tubing. Added the weld lines near the lifting hooks, and on top of segment no. 2 of the pressure hull. 
Dive planes, and stoppers were also added.
I sprayed the primer in search of imperfections.
Small base was built to help handle, and later display the model.

VW Kafer 1950 Revell 1/16 finished

Model finished.
It will be published in the may issue of TMMI.