Hell's Gate- snow

Started snowing  ;-)
I used baking soda, and PVE glue to make the snow.
Before the glue set i made the footprints in the snow. To the left some irregular footprints of the prey, to the right 3 prints belong to the hunter.
Some blood stains to be added to the prey prints.

TKS polish tankette 1939 captured by germans finished. 1/72

I now finished this little tankette. At just 3,5 cm long it looks much bigger than it actually is.

Hell's Gate- cont.

I'm patiently waiting for the Krystal Klear to cure on the headlights of the TKS tankette, so the work continues on the Hells Gate build.
I finished shaping the base, and it is now ready for the snow.
I also primed the figure. Black was the colour shot through my airbrush, because it gives me best chance to paint the coat, and the backpack with all the hard to reach places.

Ground frost on.

Preshading done on the figure.

TKS beutepanzer 1/72

    Few days ago i bought the "Wrzesien 1939" magazine with small plastic model.
Really simple model of 12 parts. I decided to add few extra details to make it look more accurate.
I converted it to beutepanzer. The 20mm cannon was ditched, and i equipped it with the MG 34.

Added all the missing rivets. I used the Archer Fine Transfers for the job.

Painted, weathered, and set on the little base. Turned out just OK- what can we expect from the 3,5 cm long, 12 part toy from the magazine?
Only leather straps to add, and need the Krystal Klear to cure in the headlights.

Hell's Gate- the base.

I started by making the wooden gate.

...and first test of painting the wood.

I built the fence post using the plasterboard.
Still need to add the ironworks, and some plaster in places. Some bricks will be exposed.
Top part will be painted as concrete- i already added the texture.

Post painted, before the plaster is applied.
Getting the base ready for all the elements.

Plaster on. Added the house number plaque, and the gate hinges

Gate painted- some nails, and bolts fixing the brackets remain.

Moss. Mixture of PVA glue, Dark Green paint, and baking soda.

Added the fence. Picture taken to have better feel for winter conditions.

Hell's Gate

I just received the 1/16 scale figure built by my friend Piotr Gladki vel Ewpiga.
It is basically the kitbash figure with lots of various parts added, and some scratch.
I will be painting this figure, and building the base for it.
Heres some pictures of it- the left arm is missing, as it is separate part, as is the main body of the gun.

German POW

Sculpt SBS of German POW in 1:4 scale.
Armature of the skull in making.
I used the cheap Modelina putty to make the skull, and later on i will wrap it in the Super Sculpey for the flesh.