VW typ 82 chassis

Chassis, and steering mechanism are done now. I also drilled few holes in the dashboard for the control lights.

I put the engine together, and the base coat of Tamiya acrylics is now applied.
On metal parts i used various Alclad colors.
Im moving in with oils next, and slowly im adding the details.

Added few details:

...scale comparison:

Engine weathered using AK Engine Weatherin Set, Mig pigments, and Abtailung 502 oil paints.

Temporary workbench

Im still very busy at work, and due to lack of time i decided to set the temporary bench up. I moved all my gear to the basement, where is lot of room for my hobby, and the vapours do not upset the family.
I do have the proper man cave planned as the winter project, when things at work cool down a bit.
This place is only temporary. At last i can smell some paint, and glue again.

VW typ 82 Kubelwagen Großdeutschland 1943 Revell 1/9

Despite my workbench still being under construction im starting the new build.
I bought the Revell Typ 82 Volswagen Kubelwagen few years back, and only recently unearthed it following the move to Poland.
The vehicle will be build almost straight from the box, with only minor changes, and improvements where necessary.
I will paint the Kubelwagen in the Division GroSdeutschland scheme, with lots of damage, and paint weathering applied.

The inspiration for the project is sourced from this photo:

Started work on the powerplant:

Engine anatomy:

Another fishing trip.

On saturday 02/07 with my brother in law Jarek we went fishing for catfish.
Jarek managed the 9 kg cat at 2 am:

I didnt catch the catfish that night, but i managed the lovely 1,5 kg crucian carp.

In the morning, we moved to diferent fishery in search for nice carp. The weather was unsettled, with lots of rain. The wind constantly changed direction.

We cought 15 carp in total, with the biggest of 8 kg. Amazing thing is we landed the same fish on the same day.

...another good fish of 6 kg.

Prety good going considering the weather conditions.