VW van- VW advert painting

VW advert painted using masks.
Thanks to my friends Timi, and Lucas HS for producing the masks for me, without you guys it could`nt possibly ever look so good.
I painted it using the hairspray technique.

I painted the dashboard- not without the problems. When i applied the gloss to the clock faces, the decals curled badly. After changing the faces to the spare ones from the box, the lenses were made using Micro Kristal Klear. No problems this time.
The ashtray , and radio made from scratch. I added few knobs, and the key in the ignition.
I will throw some old newspapers, and some small clutter on the tray below the dash.

Gearstick- i cut the ball from the kit, drilled it, and painted like the pool No. 8 ball .
Im still in the process of scratch building the pedals, and handbrake lever- which are omitted in the kit.

...lights and indicator units added. The lenses will be glued last.
Inside the lights i fixed the additional orange lightbulbs for the indicators.
I also painted the window sills.


VW van- interior

Continuing with the van build.
I turned my attention towards the interior.
First thing was to make the seat slightly more textured.
The kit seat is so neat, and plasticky i had to do something to make it look like it was used by the builders.
Dremel tool was used to make the seat caved from years of use.
I wraped the seat in the piece of the old T-shirt.

The interior of the van is basic- so much even the pedals are missing.
Dashboard is not much better.
After about 8 hours of work here`s where i am with converting it to more presentable state.

Still so much to add, like radio, ashtray, clocks, and so on.

Zundapp K800 with Steib sidecar

While im still awaiting some extras for the VW build i decided to start new, quick project- the Zundapp K800 with Steib sidecar.
German units used that kind of motorcycles during Polish, and French campaigns.

Some of the motorcycles still retained civilian colours, so i will paint my model in such scheme:

Im using Vulcans excellent kit.
It was designed by Swash Design- company well known for good quality motorcycle models:

After opening the box we are greeted by three indyvidually wraped sprues, pe wheels, one small PE, and small decal sheet. We also find six springs for shocks, and seats.

Clear instruction manual complete the set up.


VW van- Cont.

I decided to add some clutter inside the van, just in front of the back window.
It will give the impression of working vehicle.

...clutter painted:


VW van- painting begins

First colour to be sprayed is rusty brown. Red Brown over the whole body, with mix of Flat White, and Flat Brown for the highlights on the pannels.

Kitchen salt applied in places, where i want the rust to be visible through the paint.

White mixed with Clear, and broken with the tiny amount of Buff.
Semi Gloss Black on wheels.

Body of the van was sealed using Vallejo Matte Varnish.
After the paint cured, salt was brushed off:

Hairspray on, followed by salt, and Maskol:

Grey colour, and more salt:

...and the final colour:

After the salt was removed, and the whole thing was sealed with Matte Varnish:

Loading door painted.
Now the deep scratch on the side of the van makes sense.

Work started on the extras. In this case the decorators equipment. Ladder is done. It still needs some paint marks, and more weathering.

...and the ladder weathered


VW van- final surface texturing

I`ve added some scratches, and chips, what can be described as "prechipping".
Few welds completed the surface detailing before painting.
Chaos Black primer on.