Opel Olympia- width indicators

White strips have been painted on the fenders, and bumpers.
Inside of the headlamps treated with silver Tamiya weathering master.

Opel Olympia- color modulation

Color modulation.
Base color mixed with white, and few drops of medium blue.
The roof, bonnet, top of fenders, and boot were lightened.
It is delicate at this stage, as i will modulate it further with oils at later stage of the painting process.

Opel Olympia- fender damage

Today some fender damage was added.
I used the craft knife, cigarette lighter, and 80 grit sandpaper.

Right front fender lightly indented, and minor scratch:

Left rear fender indented, and more scratches:

Quiet lot of scratches on the left front fender:

Drivers door indented- i`ve seen similar kind of damage, when people open the door, and hit the bollards, or posts.

Opel Olympia- Notek lights.

I meant to build this model out of the box, but i can never stick to my guns regarding extra detailing. I have reworked the registration plate brackets, and added the Notek lights from Dragon.

Opel Olympia primer.

After the primer was sprayed, only few areas needed attention.
Painting will be done in stages. The seats, and rest of the interior will be painted separately, because of the window glass. So far so good- nice kit.

Opel Olympia cont.

Front suspension finished. I made it workable, so i can adjust the wheel turn for the dio.
Really delicate parts, and it requires lot of attention to allign the wheels correctly.

Front bulkhead installe along with the gear knob, hand brake, steering wheel, and pedals.

Kit manufacturer recomends sanding the clock facias before fitting the decals, but i have drilled the clocks out, and pressed the Magic Sculp putty underneath.
Once cured i will pop it out (i have used cooking oil to make the job easier), and sand the facias flat, before painting it white. Once the decals are applied it will slot in behing the dash.

Like many modern model kits the Opel by Bronco is suplied with multi layered wheel assembly.
Nice tyre pattern can be achieved here. All the parts fit well- top notch stuff.

Opel Olympia

Bronco`s Opel Olympia- beautiful little kit!
I am so impressed by this model its hard for me to describe. The quality is outstanding, the detail is crisp, and instructions clear.
I will build it straight out of the box, with small exceptions like exhaust pipe.
Couple of hours after the box was open the chassis is done.

Kettenwagen- 3T jack scratch building.

Due to increased weight of the vehicle after fitting the tracks the original VW car jack was`nt sufficient to lift it.
I wanted something more beefy.
Decided to use the german 3T jack, and build it from scratch.
After constructive disscussion on Missing Lynx forum i managed to obtain some pictures of the original jack thanks to Eric GEORGE.

I have taken the measurements of the screen, and made the initial drawing.

I have estimated the jack to be about 75 cm long, so my drawings were about 3.8 times smaller than original jack. Then i have calculater the rest of the diamentions and rescaled them to the 1/35 scale.
Heres where the building begun. Using various spare brass sheets, and styrene i made the main body of the jack.