U-552 back on the bench!

After almost 3 years of being abandoned on top of the wardrobe it is back on the bench now.
My first big, and safe to say longest running, and most complex project was screaming at me to be completed.
So it is time.

Wireing done, need to weather the lines still.
Then i can have some more fun with oils, and pigments. Deffo need to lighten and saltt below the waterline, and run some rust above the waterline.

Weathering of waterline stage 1. Fading the paint.

Paint fading stage 2:

Weathering stage 3:

Weathering stage 4- waterline, and rusty streaking:

Weathering stage 5- exhaust stains, and more rust:

Weathering stage 6- chipping:

Stoßtruppen 1/9 bust finished

...couple shots with the light background:

Stoßtruppen 1/9 bust painting.

Started painting the bust.
First i took care of the face, and helmet.
I added the specs. Specs were soldered, and glass is made using Micro Kristal Klear.

Uniform was painted to replicate the grainy look of fabric. Green- gray texture of the wool.
Glass of the mask still setting.

Flettner 282 finished

I finished building the little Flettner.
Hard work, and there's not much left from the original kit parts.
I added the details where it needed to be done, and scratch built the rest of the parts, which were of poor quality from the box.
I will not paint this model. It will stay unpainted to show amount of work that went into this build.

Flettner 282

Just for the laugh i started RS Models Flettner 282 in 1/72 scale.
Short run kit, with all the shortcomings associated with such outing.
I really like the real thing. 

Small inbox:

...and close up of what's ahead:

...first steps:
...bottom part of the collector made new...

...pipes, and tubes added...

...rear suspension on...

...and the front one...

...wheels turned from resin...


...added more detail...

...scale comparison...

...front light, and gas tanks on...

...rotor mechanism on...

...all the details added: fuel lines with the fuel filters, rear light, dash, all the switches, and knobs, sefety belts...