VW van- door handles

I made all the door handles from brass.
Painted Alclad Polished Aluminium.

VW van- number plates

Number plates.
Alu foil was cut, and inpressed around the edges.
Decal was fixed over the alu foil, and edges painted black color.
When dry i fixed the plate with some varnish, and chipped it.
Some wire to hold it in place was soaked in Blacken It.
I used one fixing bolt in front, weathered accordingly.

Rear number plate.
It was the same shape as the front one, so i had to cut it in half in order to produce square plate.
Couple bolts from plumped stretched sprue.

Exhaust painted, and the whole chassis weathered:

One of the front hubcaps paited chrome:

VW van- Lights and blinkers

The lights and indicators installed.
I used the clear sprue to make the blinkers, and PET bottle from the soft dring to make the headlight lenses.


VW van- door lining

Inside of the cab is so basic, the door lining is non existent.
I made it from scratch using steryne sheets. Painted to immitate worn leather or lino if you like.
The piping, and door handles are from stretched sprue.
Door handles painted Alclad Chrome.


VW van- Exhaust

Exhaust from the kit is unuseable, so i built one from scratch.
I used the Mr.Surfacer to add the texture to the main box.


VW van- the load.

The load is done now- i used anything i could get my hands on.
The only thing that will be visible through the windscreen is silhouette of the load, so i concentrated more on the details, and textures of the upper parts.

The windows were glued in using Micro Kristal Klear.
Once cured i will build the interior of the cab.

The load painted- i didnt pay much attention to painting it, as only the silhouette will be visible through the front, and back windows.

VW van- seat take 2

After posting on Network 54 forums, some of the guys pointed out to me, that the seat cover was out of scale, and frankly did not look good.
I made the new seat- this time in leather.
i feel it serves the purpose well.
Pedals and handbrake were scratch built. I also added few knobs, and the turnwheel under the seat.
Now the cab is done, and awaiting fixing onto the body.

VW van- weathering

I started weathering with the wash:

Front logo cut on the plotter in styrene. Painted red-brown and using sponge technique with White (WEMCC C03) from White Ensign Models.
Glued with Vallejo matte varnish.

Rear Volkswagen sign photo- etched in steel sheet.

Rear lights in place.
I painted the weld on the replaced panel.
On the panel itself i painted the chalk mark- VW SAMBA `67 LEFT, but it isnt very visible- maybe for the better. I dont think the chalk marks stayed on the panels for too long in rain.