Stoßtruppen 1/9 body sculpting

Started by sculpting the basic shape of the upper body.

Added more details like the grenade sacks, collar, shoulder tabs, and shovel

Finished adding the details. Figure is done now.

,,,bust cast in resin:

Stoßtruppen 1/9 - Gewehr 98

Gewehr 98 needed to be scratch built, as there's no alternative in scale.
I made the gun over 2 evenings out of wood, brass, and styrene.
It consists of 18 individual parts.

Once i sculpt the body of the bust i will cut the gun to required length to suit.

Stoßtruppen bust 1/9

While still working on the SdKfz 7/1 i started sculpting the bust.

SdKfz 7/1 figure sculpting

I started work on the soldiers figure.
Soldier will be wearing the overall, and painting the whitewash on the halftrack.

First i made the armature, and applied the initial layer of Magic Sculp.
Head, and hand are from Hornet, and boots are Dragon.
Brush is scratch built.

The trousers, left sleeve, and the skeleton of an right arm done.

Figure now finished:

SdKfz 7/1 ammo trailer done

Trailer is now painted, and weathered.

SdKfz 7/1 trailer painting

First i applied the primer

Then the rivets were on

Base coat of yellow, followed by lighter, and darker tones

 Oils to enhance the shadows, and highlights

Another 2 colours on. Satin varnish all over.

Painted, and weathered.

SdKfz 7/1 tarpaulin WIP

Couple of pictures of WIP on the tarpaulins for the cab, and the Flakvierling.
Work is carried out by my friend from Tanksformers.
The area around the barrels is ready now, and the rest is still being sculpted.

Meanwhile work is being done on the trailer.
I had to do lot of scratch to make the Trumpeters trailer look better.
Frame is from Dragon.

SdKfz 7/1 painting the running gear

Base of Hull Red:

My own mix of Panzer Grey:

Engine, gearbox, and tranny painted flat black:


Engine manifold painted mix of matte varnish, and pigments. Engine drybrushed Chrome, and gearbox drybrushed Flat ALuminum:

Gloss Varnish followed by wash. Some dirty streaking done. Engin treated to Engine Grime:

Bottom part sprayed transparent Buff:

Now onto wheels:

Surface texture added:

Primer on:

Rubber Black:

My own mix of yellow. Front wheels painted freehand- because i wanted bit of overspray on. Rear wheels painted with masks.

Another custom mix of green, and brown.

Light filters on rubber elements.


Mud on:

Two types of grass from Woodland Scenics, some leaves, damp earth enamel, wet effects, Plaster of Paris, and grinded dry grass was mixed to create wet, thick paste. I used it to smear in the hard to reach places, where the mud dried longer.

Few oil stains around the wheel seals completed the job.