Guildford 29/30 april 11

Due to extended weekend i have taken some time off workbench, and headed to Guildford for the overnight carp session. Heres the few shots of some fish i have cought. Not the biggest fish by any standards, but nicely coloured, and in prime condition.


Another year, and another easter egg model contest on PWM.
After completing the "Egg Zeppelin" few years ago, this time i turned towards the submarine subject.
I will build the 1776 D. Bushnell's Turtle.
It was the first American submarine.
The one-man vessel submerged by admitting water into the hull and surfaced by pumping it out with a hand pump. Powered by a pedal-operated propeller and armed with a keg of powder, the egg-shaped Turtle gave Revolutionary Americans high hopes for a secret weapon - a weapon that could destroy the British warships anchored in New York Harbor.

First the egg was drilled. I used Dremel tool for the job.
The shell cracked in one place, so the CA was smeared on inside to strengthen the area.
Whole shell then was sanded- you`d be surprised how imperfect the egg surface can be.

Top hatch under construction:

Added the air valves: