Sentry box- chevrons.

First i have sealed the wood effect with Testors dull cote.
Then the layer of hairspray went on. My wife let me use her industrial strength hairspray.
When the hairspray was almost dry i covered the box with Tamiya XF-2 flat white.

To paint the chevrons i made the mask using thin styrene sheet. Red colour (XF-7 flat red tinted with smoke X-19) was pained first.

Sentry- base coat, and filters.

Base coat applied.
I used Tamiya acrylics to paint the old wood effect, and then randomly changed the hue with various Mig filters.

Sentry- felt roof.

To make the felt roof i used the 1500 grade water sandpaper. Layers are overlaping each other just like on the real roof.

I also drilled few holes and glued in some nails (copper wire 0.150). After the glue had set, the excess was cut, and surface was sanded a bit.


Despite having few projects on the go i decided to try myself against other model builders in the diorama competition on PWM forum.
The subject of the dio will be the german sentry. I will scratch build the sentry box, the barrier- which will be raised, and i also will include the Tamiya pushbike enhanced with the Lion Roar set.

The figure i chosen is from Hornet.

I started work by scratch building the sentry box. I used the sheet styrene to cut the panels, and scribed the wood texture.


U-552 saga continues.

All the small projects have been put on hold, and im taking advantage of few days off work to make some progress on the U-552. Read more at: