Sepia 2 Kosmiczny Kuter

As from today the project is no more. My cats got to the room, where the blimp was hidden, and dropped it to the floor causing the filler to crack. The whole blimp lost the sturginess, and it was pointless to continue the build. Shame.

Sepia 2 Kosmiczny Kuter- painting the blimp

First stage of painting- preshading. I used the Tamiya acrylics for the job: black, grey, sky and white.

Mist of Buff over the whole thing, followed with off white for highlights, Desert Sand for saturation, and flatened with light grey to finish the base painting.

Using hand made masks, and hairspray technique i applied the first markings.

Some more markings done. Here the Dunlop sign as the blimps manufakturer.

OWB sign painted utilising the double hairspray technique. It is basically multilayer hairspray painting, where the first layer is of dark base color for the letters. When some of the paint is brushed off, we mask the letters again, and paint patches of lighter shade paint over the top. Key is to make that layer delicate, almost transparent for the trick to work.

Thats how it look now.

Oils were used to tone the colors down slightly, and unify them.