Kettenwagen- Hood.

Work started on the hood.
Even though the hood will be folded i didnt like the look of the kit part at all.
I decided on making the hood frame workable.
It is really tricky part of the build. I use the stretched sprue to connect the bits, and then blob the ends with hot knife.

In addition to Aber PE two frames need to be scratch built to complete the roof. Unfortunately Aber doesnt give any dimentions of missing frames, so it is down to model builder to design the frames himself. After 2 days of trial and error i have scratched the missing frames, and to my surprise the roof works.

Kettenwagen- Windshield.

Using Aber PE set the windshield mounting points were installed.

Windshield itself is no walk in the park. Some elements were soldered.
The glass and the front frame are still missing, so are the wingnuts.
Here it is dry fitted using bit of thin wire.

Glass was cut from the plastic bottle.

Kettenwagen- the doors.

First i have installed the gun rack.

The door handles are from Aber. Locks are scatchbuilt.

Kettenwagen- Soldiers heads.

Soldiers heads.

I used the Hornet heads in steel helmets (HGH 04).
The urinating soldier is also from Hornets range.

Kettenwagen- tracks.

I used the Friul white metal tracks for PzKpfw. I / Opel Maultier.
Instead of the supplied steel wire i put the tracks together using the copper wire in 0,45 dia.
The steel wire supplied is much to short.

Kettenwagen- tools.

Work sterted on equipment which will be fastened to the mudguards.
First i reworked the axe. Dragon part, drilled, and mounted on wooden handle.
Shovel is from Aber.

To fasten the tools i will use the Aber clamps.