Kettenwagen- canvas.


I decided on the folded roof.
First fold was created using alu, and lead foil.

Update on 31 august.

Canvas was folded, and some junk added. Not sure just yet about the layout, but sort of like this.

Kettenwagen- Tow hooks.

Tow hooks were drilled, and crossbar was made from brass tubing- slightly indented to indicate the damage.
Small loops were made from 0,10 mm copper wire.

Kattenwagen- Jerry can.

Edit on 17 August.
Jerry can mounting bracket update, and the can cap upgraded.

Kettenwagen- Horn.


Horn is from the kit, drilled out and furnished with Aber grill.
Bracket is scratch built.

All the parts dry fitted to the body to check the overal look, and to get the inspiration for the work ahead.

Kettenwagen- Fuel intake.

Fuel inlet.

During work on the windscreen i realised that in folded position it overlaps the fuel inlet.

The original inlet was sanded smooth, and new one was built on the side of the body.
Similar pipe was installed on one of the first prototypes of the Kubelwagen.

I use the Tamiya cup, and some scratched details to complete the set up.

With such wide fenders, as on the Kettenwagen it would help in refueling the vehicle i imagine.

Kettenwagen- Notek light.

Notek light.

I did compare the Notek light from Tamiya, and Dragon, and the Tamiya light looks much better than the Dragon offering.
Dragon light has wrong shape, is much too shallow, and the stamp on the top is missing- unlike the Tamiya one.
So i used the Tamiya Notek light, and scratched the mount from brass.
Only think that Dragon has, and Tamiya doesnt is two small nuts on the underside of the light, but are easily made with 0,2 mm dia. steel wire.

Kettenwagen- Headlights installed.

Headlights are installed.
I added couple of protective tubes, with mount clamps.
The wire is also new- i used the 0,16 mm wire for better scale look.

Kettenwagen- Headlights.


The body of he light is from the kit, but i have sand it smooth inside, and i disposed of the rim around the glass. Instead i used scratch built rim from brass tubing.
Rest of the light is scratched using 0,5 mm, and 1 mm brass tubing turned in my Dremel tool.

Kettenwagen- Tools.

It has been brought to my attention, that the german axe looked different to what i had previously made, and i decided to make the new one from resin. The axe handle is also reworked.
For clamps i used Aber set- chellenging to assemble, but will allow me to paint the tools, an the Kettenwagen seperately.