Sentry figure

Sentry figure from Hornet.
I will exchange the head for one without the goggles, as im not planning for the motorcycle to be used in the scene.
The stop sign behind the belt is gonna go too, and i will make the new one from scratch.

More progress soon.

Opel Olympia- driver figure.

First the driver figure.
The figure is from Yosci, with the Hornet head. I needed to sand down the Totenkopf crest on the cap, and replace it with the correct one. I used the stretched sprue for the string, and Tamiya tape.

Valleyo basic skin tone for the face.
Vallejo 102 / 105 / 058 mix for the trousers, and cap.
Tamiya XF-66 for the jumper.
Shadows on clothing using the base colors darkened with flat black.

Face painted with acrylics.
Sealed with flat varnish, and awaiting the oils.

Oils were used to tie the face together.
Satin varnish on forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks, bottom lip and chin.
Decals were also placed on the cap.

I equiped the figure with glasses to add extra detail.
Optics were made using Kristal Klear by Microscale.

Fishing trip- Guildford.

Taking advantage of some beautiful weather we`ve been having lately i went fishing for carp to Willinghurst fishery in Shamley Green near Guildford.

In total i cought six carp- nothing special, or record breaking, but one of them displayed some nice winter colors.
Good day out.

VW Samba

I have always been big fan of VW- especially the early models.
Split screen being the favourite of mine. This is Samba i spoted on the street today- nice van!

More pictures:

Opel Olympia diorama- the barrier

The barrier was the last element of the diorama to be made.
Counterweight is sculpted from resin, additional counterweight plates from styrene, bolts, and nuts from Bronco.
Sign is made out of beer can, and the fastener out of the brass sheet.
The barrier itself was fashioned from the chopstick ( leftover from friday night take away ).