Rodenttech. Painting the gas station.

Random black, brown, grey, and silver washes as a base for weathered wood.

Wood grain painted using AK wood set.

Sealed with gloss varnish.
Salt, and hairspray was sprayed over it. Base colour followed.

More salt, and more hairspray.

After more salr highlights, and shadows were sprayed, then the salt was removed.

Rodenttech. Gas station.

After completing the bolid work started on the rest of the items. First in line was the gas station.

Rodenttech. Bolid finished.

The bolid is done now, and i will add some delicate details, when the painting is complete.
Additionally the gas station will be build.

FTF Fiat 621 1/72

I left the BMW build for winter months, when i have more time, and reached for the Fiat 621 from the Wrzesien 1939 FTF in 1/72 scale.
Looks nice straight from the box, but the bonet on my truck was damaged, so i had to cut the panel out, and scratch build the engine.
I also drilled the headlights, and replaced the front bumper with the length of stretched sprue- it got damaged when i was cutting the part from the tree.

BMW R75 abandoned

This will be my new winter build.
BMW R75 from ESCI in 1/9 scale.
Instead of the Wehrmacht version i will build the bike as abandoned civilian version.
Colour black with striping.
It will display lots of rust, grime, missing parts, and dents.
Stay tuned for more.

Kfz 13 Adler 1/72 FTF

Painting started:

While i had the light colour on i added the rivets in few places. It was easier at this stage instead of after the primer. Light colour made the dark rivets stand out.