Kettenwagen- Figure bashing.

Before i went any further with the Kettenwagen build i needed to sort out the figures.
I managed to kitbash 3 figures from two sets by Miniart.
Heads will be provided by Hornet.

Theres still lots of work ahead of me regarding the figures- filling, sanding, sculpting, and so on, but the way they look now is what i wanted. There will be the fourth figure- Hornets german soldier urinating.


  1. Hi,

    I've been following your progress with great interest.

    I've noticed your images don't fit in the column of the right side. If you want to turn your blog wider so everything fits, you can follow this tutorial:

    However, I'd suggest you use the Minima Template because it's much easier to reconfigure.

  2. I was hinking about resizing them, and was much busy with modeling, but once the creative mood pass i will do something about it, and resize the fotos to similar size as the new Sea Foam shot.
    Thanks for the link- muchg appreciated FBminis.