Opel Olympia cont.

Front suspension finished. I made it workable, so i can adjust the wheel turn for the dio.
Really delicate parts, and it requires lot of attention to allign the wheels correctly.

Front bulkhead installe along with the gear knob, hand brake, steering wheel, and pedals.

Kit manufacturer recomends sanding the clock facias before fitting the decals, but i have drilled the clocks out, and pressed the Magic Sculp putty underneath.
Once cured i will pop it out (i have used cooking oil to make the job easier), and sand the facias flat, before painting it white. Once the decals are applied it will slot in behing the dash.

Like many modern model kits the Opel by Bronco is suplied with multi layered wheel assembly.
Nice tyre pattern can be achieved here. All the parts fit well- top notch stuff.


  1. ..nice .. did you purchase this in the UK..? I've seen them on Ebay from Hongkong sellers but don't want to get hit with the customs duty..

  2. Thats exactly what i have done- ordered it on E-Bay from Hong Kong, but luckily i wasnt hit with extra costs.

  3. OK thanks ..will watch your build with interest...