Carp fishing- Guildford

Taking time away from model building i travelled to Guildford for the overnight carp session.
Started as usual with the corn, and pellet approach.
After about dozen of fish cought, the takes dried out.
From midnight to the morning nothing happened.
Preparing the meal in the morning i had the brilliant idea.
I changed the rig for the straight hook without hair, and put the strip of tripe on it.
To my amazement i cought 5 fish in about 45 minutes spell. Fish just love it!
I will return next week to test the bait more.
I cant remember when i was that excited about the bait.


  1. Fishing... what a nice&relaxing hobby! By the way, do you cook the fishes you catch? :)

  2. I support the "catch, and release" method of fishing thank you very much.
    I treat fishing as sport, and form of relaxation.
    I do eat fish, but only from the shop.

    Thanks for stoping by Zsolt.