Carp record broken again- twice!

Last night i was invited to fish little private estate lake just 12 km from my house.
The lake was dug about 18 years ago, and theres only five big carp in it- original fish let in when the lake was created. Theres also few smaller carp there, some catfish, grass carp, and tench.
It is very hard venue, as the silt is about 3 feet deep, and full of natural food.
I fished the lake four times before- without any success.
Last night was different!
I missed the take at about 8 p.m.
At 10 p.m i had another take, and this time i landed this lovely fish of 15 kg- my new record for carp.

I had another take at 3.30 a.m from the margins on the other side of the lake.
After long battle in the darkness i landed another beautifull leather carp of 16.6 kg- another new record!

In the morning i missed one more take, this time some small fish, but i consider this the best carp night session i ever had.

I kept the fish in the sack till morning, because i wanted to take better photos.