VW van- weathering

I started weathering with the wash:

Front logo cut on the plotter in styrene. Painted red-brown and using sponge technique with White (WEMCC C03) from White Ensign Models.
Glued with Vallejo matte varnish.

Rear Volkswagen sign photo- etched in steel sheet.

Rear lights in place.
I painted the weld on the replaced panel.
On the panel itself i painted the chalk mark- VW SAMBA `67 LEFT, but it isnt very visible- maybe for the better. I dont think the chalk marks stayed on the panels for too long in rain.



  1. Thank you.
    Lukáš "Reemus" Vanko - its the Hasegawa 1/24 scale VW Delivery Van 1967.

  2. your work is impressive, i read all about this project and some other you've done here!
    i can't describe how i am speechless, i will try a lot of your weathering techniques!

    i juste have a question, how do you proceed to have the welds looking such realistic?
    thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. Wow, that looks amazing. I should have you do my bus, the Rustybus. It would take a lot more work than this one I suspect!