VW typ 82 Kubelwagen Großdeutschland 1943 Revell 1/9

Despite my workbench still being under construction im starting the new build.
I bought the Revell Typ 82 Volswagen Kubelwagen few years back, and only recently unearthed it following the move to Poland.
The vehicle will be build almost straight from the box, with only minor changes, and improvements where necessary.
I will paint the Kubelwagen in the Division GroSdeutschland scheme, with lots of damage, and paint weathering applied.

The inspiration for the project is sourced from this photo:

Started work on the powerplant:

Engine anatomy:


  1. My first thought was: "what an inspiring photo... you've started another masterpiece..."
    My second thought was: "What? AK wine?" :)

  2. Thanks Zsolt- yes, AK produces the wine, not bad at all. Quiet strong aswell.
    Im glad you like the pictures. More progress soon.