VW Kafer rear lights.

Rear lights had to be built from scratch, as the lights supplied in the kit are from later model- oval beetle.
I painted the repair patches on the side panels just behind the doors. 
Drivers side is painted as completed repair finished with darker shade of blue, and passengers side is repair under way, with some filler showing, and little primer hastily applied.
I glued all the glass, and doors in.
Sunroof tarp is also painted, and weathered.
Wheels are painted two tone blue- body colour for the outside of the rim, and lighter blue for inner.
Hubcaps were washed from factory chrome, and painted Alclad Chrome again, and weathered to look rusty.
Bumpers converted to post 52 beetle, as the replaced units, without overriders.
Popes nose registration light built from scratch.
Added the rubber seals under the light units.