VW Kafer 1950- Roof rack

Started work on the roof rack. 

Dry fitted to the car to check the dimensions.

 Wooden slats made from polistyrene sheet. Wooden texture made using the high grit sandpaper.
Some planks were painted desert yellow colour, some wooden deck tan colour, and different filters were applied to random planks- yellow, grey, and brown. I sealed the work with coat of gloss varnish.

Dry fit. I'm still undecided on the rack colour- white, or steel.

When i woke up this morning i looked at the model, and realised, that the roof rack is too thin a wire, so made the new roof rack using thicker wire.
Painted steel colour, then masked with salt, and painted white. When i brushed the salt off i didn't like the outcome, so used the white again with sponge to paint over the steel a bit more.
When sealed with gloss varnish i weathered the rack using some brown, and dark washes.
At the end i added fixing bolts to the planks.

Scratch built sled.

Luggage in progress.

Scratch built mirror, and roof rack fixings mounted on the toothpicks awaiting the paint.

Mirror, bonnet, and lid handles done.
Roof rack fixings mounted, and painted- still need weathering.


  1. Great job on the roof rack, it looks so authentic to the period. Nice work.