Opel Blitz wrecker 1/35

Opel Blitz cargo truck from Tamiya in 1/35 built as the post war wrecker truck.

Chassis. Scratch built the locker lid, drilled the exhaust pipe, reworked the pin mount on the tow.

Finished detailing the tow hitch, and exchanged one front tyre for the civilian type.
Started work on the loading area. I added the wood grain, and damaged some of the planks.

Chassis and wheels painted base color.

Next i painted the bed.
First layer of Wooden Deck Tan, slightly lighter for scale effect, then filters of yellow, white, grey, and brown.

Gloss varnish, and dark wash followed.

Layer of hairspray, and dark green paint was next.
Phone number was cut on plotter, and sprayed with white, broken with little black, and yellow.

Washed the paint on the numbers also.

Due to the copyrights laws, Opel Blitz badge is missing from the radiator grille.
I used Green Stuff to sculpt the radiator winter cover.

I filled the places where the tools should go on the fenders, as i will not fit any of them.

After making the 3D rust texture in some places, flat brown was sprayed.

Then i used the kitchen salt:

...and the first colour- black.
When dry i used the thin mixture of Levelling Thinner, and Red Brown, and with the help of the sponge i dubbed the surface of the paint, until the mapping appeared.
When i was happy with the result i sealed the black with the layer of matte varnish:

2 more colours added:

Drivers cab done:

The doors:

Weathered door:

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