Citroen 2CV Furgonnette- water pouring

I set the car on the base, painted the river bottom, added the branches, and poured some water.
I used the Woodland Scenics Realistic Water mixed with Olive Drab, and some Buff.
I hope when it sets the froth will remain.


  1. Beautiful piece of work here! I've used Realistic Water before and find it very useful for displays like this. Looks fantastic!

  2. Thanks Jon.
    Nice product, but dries very, i mean very slow. Do you somehow accelerate the curing process? Is it at all possible?

  3. Great looking work, i love the submerged look. Nice job. Has it set yet?

    1. Not yet. Few more days as i know it likes to shrink quiet a lot.

  4. it think your style is one of the best i can imagine and i am not the tenth part of what you are in modelling. but i think that this time you did a conceptual error.

    the car seem more realisticly flooded when it is on the White table than on the final diorama and i think i have the reason for this. if you put "water" after the car the resin is tending to go up on the body near the car, that is a thing that real water obviously doesn't. probably you should better put water and car after, to avoid this effect, that ruins all the water reality. to avoid foam is another thing to do. foam is in 1/1 scale, and this is not good.