FTF Fiat 621 1/72

I left the BMW build for winter months, when i have more time, and reached for the Fiat 621 from the Wrzesien 1939 FTF in 1/72 scale.
Looks nice straight from the box, but the bonet on my truck was damaged, so i had to cut the panel out, and scratch build the engine.
I also drilled the headlights, and replaced the front bumper with the length of stretched sprue- it got damaged when i was cutting the part from the tree.


  1. Hello ! Did you scratch the engine or is it a part of a kit ?
    I am on this project, thx. ;)

  2. Sorry, you wrote it : you made it from scratch. :)
    If ever you had some walk around or else, let me know. ;-)