SdKfz 7/1 painting the running gear

Base of Hull Red:

My own mix of Panzer Grey:

Engine, gearbox, and tranny painted flat black:


Engine manifold painted mix of matte varnish, and pigments. Engine drybrushed Chrome, and gearbox drybrushed Flat ALuminum:

Gloss Varnish followed by wash. Some dirty streaking done. Engin treated to Engine Grime:

Bottom part sprayed transparent Buff:

Now onto wheels:

Surface texture added:

Primer on:

Rubber Black:

My own mix of yellow. Front wheels painted freehand- because i wanted bit of overspray on. Rear wheels painted with masks.

Another custom mix of green, and brown.

Light filters on rubber elements.


Mud on:

Two types of grass from Woodland Scenics, some leaves, damp earth enamel, wet effects, Plaster of Paris, and grinded dry grass was mixed to create wet, thick paste. I used it to smear in the hard to reach places, where the mud dried longer.

Few oil stains around the wheel seals completed the job.


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