FT 17 creating the base

Decided to add the second figure to minimise the empty space around the tank.
Used some body parts from the spare box, and combined them into the shape of the rider.
Now i will shave the plastic, and start sculpting the kradmantel.
Motorbike is an Zundapp K800 from Swash design.
Hornet heads, and hands.

Ground was made using Woodland Scenics plaster, some soil, and white glue.

Plants,  trees, and grass added.

Sculpting the motorcyclist figure.
Belt, straps, sling, shoulder pads, and buttons still to add.

Started painting the figures by applying the acrylic base coat.

Some slings, and straps to add.

...straps and slings ready. Fixed onto the bike, and placed on the base.

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