Kettenwagen diorama- figures.

Im using the Dragon German Artillery Crew set for the Kettenwagen diorama.

The detail is not the best, but i think the figures have nice, natural poses.

Dry fitted figure (one of four planned). Lot of work required to make nice looking figure.

First the collar, belts, and straps were cut.
Neck was drilled.

All the folds were reworked, hands cut off, and sleeves drilled.

I added some extra folds, and volume to the boots.

Collar made using some lead foil.
Dry fitted Hornet head.

Hands added, and button holes drilled.

Some details were added to the equipment:

Chaos Black primer on:

Base colour:

Boots painted using mix of Nato Black, and Semi Gloss Black:

Highlights, and shadows done:

Added the decals from Tamiya, and PE belt buckle from Aber.

Gas mask cannister done:

Buttons, shoulder tabs and belt hooks added.

Shoulder tabs are made from alu foil, with Tamiya decals over the top.
The buttons are made from stretched sprue, and blobed over the cigarette lighter. I painted the buttons green, and added some chipping using Tamiya flat aluminium color.
I also used the close combat badge from Aber. Because it was brass color i sprayed it with black primer, and painted it using Allclad chrome.


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  1. Hello,I'm Peter.
    This is the first time I visit your blog.
    Your works are excellent.
    Could you kindly tell me the ratio of vallejo acrylic paint when you paint the model with it?
    I usually use the ratio of 2:1(paint:water) to paint the base color and the ration of 1:3 to the highlight and shaow areas.
    It's hard to do the blend job with water.
    Best regards