Kettenwagen diorama- figure painted.

I have finished painting the figure.
Mix of Tamiya Dark Yellow, White, and Clear for the base colour.
Dark wash in the crevieces using Winton`s Burnt Umber, and Raw Umber.
After the wash was dry i used the brush dumpened slightly in the lighter fluid to wipe away the excess.
Eye whites painted with Vallejo white mixed with Buff using the brush trimmed to one, single hair.
The pupils were made using the sewing needle- i just indented the small hole in the corner of each eye, and filled it with Vallejo black using the same single hair brush.
After that was done, the Abtailung 502 Basic, Light, and Sunny Skin Tone colours were used for the highlights, and shadows.
Bit of pink for the cheeks, and bottom lip- with the middle of it highligted using white.
The last step was to use the gloss varnish on the most prominent parts of the face.

Now im moving onto the last stage of the building process- which is to scratch build part of the crashed B-25 aircraft. The plan is to make the soldier displaing this part to his friends, standing by the Kettenwagen vehicle with 20mm gun on tow.
The crashed aircraft part will be painted in Lend Lease livery, with masked american maskings, and red star painted over the top.

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