VW van- interior

Continuing with the van build.
I turned my attention towards the interior.
First thing was to make the seat slightly more textured.
The kit seat is so neat, and plasticky i had to do something to make it look like it was used by the builders.
Dremel tool was used to make the seat caved from years of use.
I wraped the seat in the piece of the old T-shirt.

The interior of the van is basic- so much even the pedals are missing.
Dashboard is not much better.
After about 8 hours of work here`s where i am with converting it to more presentable state.

Still so much to add, like radio, ashtray, clocks, and so on.


  1. This keeps getting better and better. Brilliant idea for the seat. And the exterior paint and weathering work is second to none.
    Looking forward to every update!


  2. Thanks Dale.
    The exterior will be worked on, im waiting for masks to paint the VW service advert on it. Once done i start to use oils and pigments to make the van look the way it should be weathered- some rusty streaks, and surface rust, dust and so on.

  3. great article, the one's that I have been building have all been converted to right hand drive for the u.k.(seeing as I live there).