VW van- VW advert painting

VW advert painted using masks.
Thanks to my friends Timi, and Lucas HS for producing the masks for me, without you guys it could`nt possibly ever look so good.
I painted it using the hairspray technique.

I painted the dashboard- not without the problems. When i applied the gloss to the clock faces, the decals curled badly. After changing the faces to the spare ones from the box, the lenses were made using Micro Kristal Klear. No problems this time.
The ashtray , and radio made from scratch. I added few knobs, and the key in the ignition.
I will throw some old newspapers, and some small clutter on the tray below the dash.

Gearstick- i cut the ball from the kit, drilled it, and painted like the pool No. 8 ball .
Im still in the process of scratch building the pedals, and handbrake lever- which are omitted in the kit.

...lights and indicator units added. The lenses will be glued last.
Inside the lights i fixed the additional orange lightbulbs for the indicators.
I also painted the window sills.



  1. Wow. I dig your stuff.
    The Fog Light is just totally amazing.
    Many thanks for the incredible contribution that you are making to the community.
    You should also check out my Modelling blog.
    I am a Dray Trained Modeller.
    You can find my blog here:

  2. Dray Trained? Sounds familiar. ;-)
    BTW: Entertaining blog you got there.
    Like it a lot- i hope you`ll carry on.
    Fox 28

  3. Thanks for your kind comments.
    Be sure to "follow" my blog, because the Dray Trained Modelling projects are massive. Today I have uploaded details of a modelling tragedy that will take your breath away.
    I will appreciate your feedback in the comments section.
    Good luck to you, i love your work.

  4. Incredible job I love it . How were the masks for the writing made ?
    Regards Ian