Another year, and another easter egg model contest on PWM.
After completing the "Egg Zeppelin" few years ago, this time i turned towards the submarine subject.
I will build the 1776 D. Bushnell's Turtle.
It was the first American submarine.
The one-man vessel submerged by admitting water into the hull and surfaced by pumping it out with a hand pump. Powered by a pedal-operated propeller and armed with a keg of powder, the egg-shaped Turtle gave Revolutionary Americans high hopes for a secret weapon - a weapon that could destroy the British warships anchored in New York Harbor.

First the egg was drilled. I used Dremel tool for the job.
The shell cracked in one place, so the CA was smeared on inside to strengthen the area.
Whole shell then was sanded- you`d be surprised how imperfect the egg surface can be.

Top hatch under construction:

Added the air valves: