VW Kafer 1950 Revell 1/16

Here's my new build.


  1. 59 is not the right years for the rear windows....

    rear windows like that ended in 1952. from 1952 to 1957, it was oval, then it was the big windows...

    just so you know :P

    i think its not your first VW, but if you never checked thesamba.com is a great source of information/inspiration.

  2. Ha- great spot- of course it should be 1950. I just made the small mistake. I know samba well, although i have never writen there yet, but as you know the VWagens well, could you tell me if the small vents on the front wings just top of the front bumper were present on the 1950 sunroof model or not. I've searched the pictures accross the web, and it shows cars with, and without the vents.

  3. I've had it on my '57, but i frankly can't say if they were stock or not on earlies... but i'm tempted to say they were ;



  4. Thanks Enkiel. I've asked on samba, as per your instructions, and it is solved now. The grilles should be present on 1950 split- the round type grilles. The oval ones were on the oval beetle.

  5. hello glad to see that the desire of doing models is coming back after all these troubles, you're doing so beautiful models