BMW R75 Final detailing

I finished the front end.
Lot of fiddly work, that require bike handling.
Decals were yellow from age, and i had to match the registration colour with the decal to disguise it.
I opened the headlight dimmer cover, and fitted the reflector inside along with the bulb.

Rear of the bike.
Mud guard support was unusable, and i had to scratch built the new one. I soldered it from wires, and brass sheet.
Registration plate is made of aluminum sheet. Decal was yellow, so i made it look dusty to cover it.
I added some damage, and scratches to the pannier.

I reworked the way the bar is mounted.
Added few bolts, and nuts.
The throttle mechanism built from scratch, as was the horn button, and light switch.
All the pins which meant to be the cables mounting points were sanded, and instead i drilled the bar to insert the cables inside it later on.

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